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Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is an American international corporation whose principal business is selling gases and chemicals for industrial uses. Air Products' headquarters is in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, in the United States. Air Products is the Lehigh Valley's third largest employer, after Lehigh Valley Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital. Leonard P. Pool founded the company in 1940. Its French subsidiary, headquartered in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, was the site of a terrorist attack on June 26, 2015. Air Product's current CEO and Chairman is Sefi Ghasemi.

An aggrieved customer who doubles as a general manager of a company shared his experience after his company purchased their products. He said " AP HQ was a horrible experience. They are narrow minded when it comes to design work. A couple of good people but mostly sheepish. The worst stop on a career path. They do not value experience it is all about the dollar.


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Former Intern - Intern says

"- The work was incredibly boring (incredibly being emphasized) - Way too many employees don't like their jobs which wasn't encouraging - Management is disconnected from employees - Most employees are pocket-protector engineers that don't want to talk to anyone - Most employees are antisocial - Many employees don't have any work/life balance - Few opportunities for leadership growth or to try new things - A lot of engineers travel all of the time (even if they don't prefer to) in order to keep their jobs Overall, it was nice to have a job, but it was a terrible experience"

Former Intern - Intern says

"No cons. I like it"

Piping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Ok for those candidate who r not permanent employee till date. 1. Aker pune politics in piping dep. 2. Unprofessional engineer s in Piping Department.many management seniors terminated in one day due to unfropssional behavior 3. Work quality and knowledge of seniors are very poor/ D grade piping engineers."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"If you are planning to come to this area/this company for work, look elsewhere. New ideas are shut down immediately. New people are forced to fit into the old local mold. I regret accepting the offer from this company. I am currently looking for new positions but pandemic is not helping the situation :( nothingboring job, too much pressure to fit in to the herd, bad benefits"

Precision Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Pay is great. The management and people of authority are terrible. I was hired for one job and not even 2 months in I was switched to another assignment. The trainers are not training, and you end up learning from someone who barley likes you. Good luck."

Process Operator (Former Employee) says

"Title says it all. I was a new Operator at a new, still being built plant. They lied constantly about our schedule, saying we would be on a consistent, permanent schedule within a month of being hired. 9 months later, after working MANY 70+ hours work weeks, we were still not on a regular rotating schedule. I found out the divorce rate for people working there was over 80%. I left after being lied to about our schedule for over half a year , watching people die, and seeing lip service being talked about safety until it came down to money actually being spent to accomplish safety goals... then corners were cut were ever needed. Purely driven by profit. At least in 2000, can't say about 2020..."

Welder/Fitter (Former Employee) says

"the place lied to its employees and eventually closed the wilkes barre facility and moved operations to florida. never knew what shift you would be on from day to day. always laying off."

Support Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management see time served with the company as some form of rank. Very clicky culture. Everyone from supervisor up seems to think they are the font of all knowledge. No support from management at all. No communication with the teams that actually work filling and delivering. HSE is a complete waste of time as their team of two are far too busy to be proactive and are reactive only."

Operator 1, Supervisor. (Former Employee) says

"Poor benefits. Poor management!!! Lack of respect for experienced workers, lay you off before your pension matures out of greed. Very sad to have dedicated so much time with a company, then to be treated so badly in the end."

Cylinder exchange driver (Former Employee) says

"Great bunch of people to work with but management are a waste of space .They preach about health and safety but do nothing about it especially Area supervisors .The Vans they give you are barely road legal always promise things but never deliver on them .long hours and not much money especially agency staff"

Metasys tech (Former Employee) says

"Understaffed and over worked for low pay. Dealt with dangerous chemicals outside in the heat with few breaks to hydrate. Fast paced, poor planning.. management was quick to threaten your job."

machinist (Former Employee) says

"Air Products purchased company that was well established in manufacturing processes and they came in and insisted on change. Their changes resulted in this part of their business to dissolve. Management would not listen to workers input on what worked and what didn't. Pay was below average with terrible morale..noneterrible management"

Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Apex industrial gas services . Worked there for five years . Manager was awful and a bully and racist used threatening behaviour to manipulate the staff and get results for his benefit . Airproducts seem to turn a blind eye to the issue . Salery very poor to the amount of work done . All they want is a robot worker to use and abuse. Will send you all over the country living in poor b and b . Living on limited expenses. All work and no life .NoneOver worked little pay . Bully manager .no home life ."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I was employed at air product's training was a joke when out on road with experienced driver, head office would send out work for us both to do, I was rushed around so we both could get finished that was a 12hr day+. When I went for interview I was told it would be a 9and half hrs I thought this sounds great, I was lied to , then when you pass out on what you have been trained up on head office just piled the work on and expect you to be as fast as experienced people that have worked at air product's for a few years, if you like long hours ie 12hrs plus ,and don't mind been compared to experienced staff go for it ,if you like a home life and only want to do 10 hours a day keep well away , not very nice to work for"

Contracts Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's a very stressful place to work with very long hours. Overly competitive. Not a great place for advancement for most employees. No work/life balance."

APPRENTICE (Former Employee) says

"In october 2013 I began my job with airproducts. However, only to find after 3 weeks my job role was so unclear and I never knew what work my line manager wanted me to do. She would not communicate and seemed way over her head. There was only two of us in the bulkgases outbound department me and a very unreliable line manager. I tried to speak on numerious occassions with my line manager and she just didn't have a clue !!!. She grew to not like me and her attitude towards me shown that very fast. I left the company recently under the terms above, were I left sad and broken hearted with the company because I didn't recieve any support with my grievance what so ever. Dont bother applying to any job with airproducts, you will be so so so disappointed !!!!!!NothingPoor management and no support if you have an concern !!!"

Cryogenic and Compressed Gas Plant Operator (Former Employee) says

"Air Products was the best company I have ever work for! The company had great benefits, there was alot of over time, great people to work with, and alot of support from upper management."

trainee/ student P1 and P2 (Former Employee) says

"testing of transformers and motorsinstallation of cablesmeasurements and fault findingvarius electrical engineering projects"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"AP HQ was a horrible experience. They are narrow minded when it comes to design work. A couple of good people but mostly sheeple. The worst stop on career path. They do not value experience it is all about the dollar.NoneEverything"

Technical Advisor (Current Employee) says

"This is a very poor company to work for. They do not support you in anyway. They throw you out in the field to the woods to devour you. The only way you can get anything done is by sending somebody an email and waiting a week for a reply."

I apply for experience (Former Employee) says

"The plant in Air product in galt they discriminated latinos becareful with. The manager joel he is a punk jackie is cool but joel hates latino is not coolGoodIts okey"

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Air Products is not the company it once was very poor management I worked at the Air Products plant in Ellesmere port and outstations for 33 years unfortunately I had bad experiences with the company I was on call 24/7 I missed out of many years of family time the job was a great job years ago but over the last few years its gone down hill fast. bad management and they all stick together health and safety is near non existent.good wagespoor management leadership"

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